The works in the installation pivot around two poles. The first is the collapse of the biological human into geologic time. The second, is the notion of the ghost in the machine. Not in the sense of the anthropomorphism of the machine, but more closely related to Tom McCarthy’s argument that new technologies provide the dangerous illusion of frozen time, denying the inevitable passage toward illness, death, and decay. This freezing of time within virtual space is completely incongruous with the passing of time on the other side of the screen. The works navigate the sliver of space between the retinae and the screen – the portal between fantasy and reality. I wonder what will happen when that sliver expands as the displays become more integrated and transparent in our experience of the physical world.

The work maps out my attempts to reconcile two very different- but equally likely- visions of our future; one where our biology and technology are almost indistinguishable, and the other where the landscape has been pushed to the breaking point so that it can no longer support the techno-human agenda. The video projection, Knights of the Sky, depicts the latter version, where we either return to a kind of dark ages because we’ve burned through all of our subsidized solar energy or disappear completely. While our technology is left to erosion here on earth, our satellites (truly frozen in the vacuum of space) will continue to navigate the galaxy, ghosts from earth.


You Are Something the Whole World is Doing

The Italian Navigator Has Landed in the New World


Two Otherwise Distant Points

What is there is the Greater Thing (Eighteen and a Half Minute Gap)

The Invention of The Ship Was Also the Invention of the Shipwreck

Mutually Assured

Long Exposure Series

Nebula Series